Spin the station in the center of the screen left and right to match the shape sockets on it to the incoming gems to collect energy then use that energy by pointing and automatically firing your laser at the hazardous asteroids before they can damage the station. Last as long as possible and go for your personal best score! Refresh the webpage to start over.

Want to show off your high score? Post a screenshot @UnexpectedRogue on Twitter! 


  • click or touch the anywhere in the game window and drag to spin the station
  • the direction, speed, and amount of the rotation depend on which way, how fast, and how far you drag
  • stop dragging and release your touch or click to stop the rotation
  • release you touch or click while dragging to swipe and "free spin" the station


Trevor Davis

John Peter McGrath

Kirk Allgeyer

Evan Johnson

Joseph Roberts

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